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Balthasar Ress Kabinett Schloss Reichartshausen




  • Type / Wine
  • SKU / 137521
  • Volume / 12x750ml
  • Country / Germany
  • Region / Rheingau
  • Color / White
  • Varietal(s) / Riesling
  • Vintage / 2009

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“Balthasar Ress was established 1870, thus, within five generations, the Balthasar Ress family business has developed into one of the leading wine estates of the region and a global player in the wine trade. Some 90% of the Balthasar Ress estate’s vineyards are planted with Riesling, the grape variety that made the Rheingau popular and that has been an integral part of the region’s viticultural history for many centuries.” Visit Balthasar Ress’ website

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