Barros Colheita | David Herman & Son

Barros Colheita

  • Type / Port
  • Alberta SKU / 731333
  • Volume / 6x750ml
  • Country / Portugal
  • Region / Douro
  • Vintage / 1975

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Barros port has been family owned from 1913 until the present day. Over this time Barros has invested in several vineyards in the Douro Region of Portugal and have specialised in the production of high quality Port Wine. Their fame has come mainly from their Old Tawnies whose distinctive taste owes much to the quality of the vines as well as the amount of old wooden casks still used in the production process. Much of Barros production is matured in large oak casks for a minimum of 8 years before being bottled. Visit Porto Barros’ website

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