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Van Gogh Banana

  • Type / Vodka
  • Alberta SKU / 725351
  • Volume / 6x750ml
  • Country / Holland

About This Product /

“Unblemished clarity and ideally limpid appearance. Smells very fragrantly of ripe peach in a delicate way that’s very appealing in the opening whiffs; secondary passes encounter more peach meat and pulp than noticed in the initial sniffs. Entry features soft yellow peach flavors that are ripe, clean as a whistle and gently sweet; mid palate taste profile mirrors the entry as the delicate and ripe peach meat flavor is nicely balanced between acidity, abv and fruit element, never displaying sugary or bitter peach skin flavors. Royal Dirkzwager Distillery is spot on with this dazzling new addition to its flavored vodka portfolio.”


Van Gogh vodka’s and Gin are produced, bottled and imported from Holland. Distilled at the 131 year old Dirkzwager Distillery. Master distiller Tim Vos handcrafts each flavour using a 6 week infusion process for optimal flavour balance. Van Gogh has more 5 Star ratings than any other vodka, rated as the best in the flavoured vodka business; period by the Spirit Journal. Visit Van Gogh Vodka’s website

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